Program in Lisbon

Why a Bike Tour should be your first program in Lisbon.

Belém is a must visit place. Everybody who come to Lisbon visit this district.

You may think that this tour between the City Center and Belém, can be done on any day of your stay. In fact you can!

But if you do this tour on the first day you’ll have the advantage of getting to know a big part of the city.  Therefore, choose more easily the programs that you want to do and also receive some of our advice, which will be adapted to your plans.

Some people mentioned this advantage in the reviews they made at :


“… so definitely do it at the beginning of your stay it is worth it. …”;


“… Do it on your first day, Miguel will recommend you the best sites to visit …”;


“ … He is very welcoming and will give you recommendations to other places and things to do in the city.

You cannot go wrong with his recommendations! …”


“ … He made our first day in Lisbon and in Portugal in general very special …”

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