1 - About the Free Bike Tours Center of Lisbon to Belem:
1.1 - Do the tours start and end at the same place?
Yes, all tours, unless otherwise agreed, start and end at the same place, Praça do Município.

1.2 - Is the round trip the same?
With the aim of visiting as many attractions as possible, our route is done in a "circular" depending the guide, participants, weather conditions and even other events in Lisbon.

1.3 - Is the spike difficult, has ups and downs?
Don't worry about this, on this tour we don't climb the famous hills of Lisbon, this whole bike tour is done on flat terrain, almost always on bike lanes, pedestals streets and streets with little traffic. They are designed to be comfort, fun and safety.

1.4 - How long is the tour and how many kms have we traveled?
Usually it lasts 4 hours, but there are cases where it's done in less time and others in which it takes more time, it always depends on the group and the ability that everyone has to pedal. Our tours aren't races, they are always done in a relaxed way, always taking into consideration the interests of the people and the maximum safety of all the participants. The route is about 20 km.

1.5 - How many tours we have per day?
In winter time there is only one tour per day at 10.00 am; in summer time we do 2 tours per day, one at 10.00 am and another at 14.00 pm.

2 - Bike for the Free Bike Tour from the Center of Lisbon to Belém:
2.1 - What type of bike should I use?
The Tour is easy, it is done on flat terrain, without great ascents and descents, you can do this tour with any type of bike.

2.2 - Can I take my bike?
Of course, in that case you just have to confirm your presence and inform that you don't need to rent a bicycle.

2.3 - I don't have a bike for the tour, how do I do it?
Near our meeting point there is a bike rental shop. Just inform us that you need a bike for the tour and we make your reservation, so when you get to the meeting point you'll have your bike ready to start the tour.

2.4 - How much does it cost to rent a bicycle?
There are several types of bicycle. The classic ones (6 available), for people with 160 cm up to 178 cm, cost 6.00 euros. For children, adults under 160 cm and over 178 cm, the price is between 10 and 14 euros (depends on the duration of the tour). Electric bikes cost 19.00€ 4 hours, or 29.00€ if you use more than 4 hours.

3 - Number of Participants, Reservations and Location of the Free Bike Tours Center of Lisbon to Belém:
3.1 - What's the minimum and maximum number of participants?
We don't have a minimum for our tours, if you are traveling alone you'll be very well received. In terms of maximum, we don't like to have very large groups, we try to have groups of 6/8 people and we'll always try that the groups don't have more than 10 people.

3.2 - How far in advance do I have to make my reservation?
Reservations can be made 12 hours in advance, but are always subject to the number of seats and the number of bicycles available, for this reason and because our groups have a small number of participants, we advise you to make your reservation with as far in advance as possible.
If you are planning to participate in the tour with a big group the reservation should be made 48 hours in advance, so that we can be sure to have an appropriate number of guides and bikes.

3.3 - At what time I must be at the Meeting Point?
We thank you for being at the place no later than the time indicated for the start of the tour. However, if you are able 10 minutes before to try your bike and adjust to your height, we thank you.

3.4 -Do the tours take place on rainy days?
The tours are carried out with rain or with the sun, provided that the climatic conditions don't put in question the safety of the participants.

3.5 - How can I change my booking date?
You have to send us an email with that indication. You must inform your name, the initial booking date and the new date.

3.6 - How can I cancel a booking?
You should keep in mind that our tours are for a very restricted group of people, the groups are very small. For this reason, whenever you have a booking and can’t attend, you must send us an email as far in advance as possible. If you don’t do this, you impeding the participation of others.

3.7 - Where is the Meeting Point?
It's in the center of the city, next to Praça do Comércio, 3-minute walk from the Baixa / Chiado metro station, 5 minutes walk from the Praça do Comércio Metro station and 10/15 minutes walk from the Cais do Sodré Metro (Cascais line), Rossio (Sintra line) and Santa Apolónia (Porto line), where is also located the cruise terminal.

3.8 - How much does the Tour cost?
The tour is free and our guides are volunteers. However, our guides will be very glad if you have the possibility and consider it appropriate, at the end of the tour, you offer a tip.

4 - Other Tours, Large Groups, Other Questions:
4.1 - Do you only do this tour, or do you have more diferent tours?
We also do other tours in Lisbon, in Sintra, Cascais and Caparica. If you are interested you can send us an email, however they have to be prepared with more days in advance.

4.2 - I want to make a reservation for a group of more than 5 people, how do I do it?
As we informed our tours are for very small groups, for that reason if you have a group with more than 5 people you must send us an email with the indication of the number of people and the day that you intend to do this tour.

4.3 - What should I bring to the tour?
Comfortable clothes, adjusted to the time of year, water and always good mood.

4.4 - I want to collaborate with the Free Bike Tours Lisbon, how do I?
You should send us an email telling us how you want to collaborate and with your qualifications. Good knowledge of Lisbon and languages is a priority, as well as the ease of communication.