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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

Discovering Crown’s Corner and much more.

30.00 € / person
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Discovering Ponta dos Corvos (Crown’s Corner) and much more.
Here, next to Lisbon, on a nice bike ride, we will find places that we were probably far from imagining that existed.

We will start this tour by boat, on board a traditional ferry crossing the Tagus River between Cais do Sodré and Cacilhas.

After disembarking, we enter the beautiful and famous street of Ginjal. Along this riverfront we will pass by the ruins of old warehouses, Ponto Final and Atira-te ao Rio (2 restaurants), before reaching Rio's garden.

Here, by the “Boca do Vento” elevator or by bicycle, we will go up to Almada Velha.

The church, the old houses, the walls and the viewpoints that exist here undoubtedly justify this climb.

Now is the time to take the road, pass D. Fernado and Glória frigate, the old Lisnave shipyards and go to discover Crown’s Corner.

Crown’s Corner has the configuration of a peninsula, located almost at the level of the river and cut by hundreds of water lines that produce abundant food for thousands of birds. This area is a paradise for several species and therefore a great place for bird watching.

With a magnificent landscape as a backdrop, we will most likely observe flamingos, tailors, mosquitoes, herons, wild ducks and, with luck, the majestic crows that originate the name of the place.

As we continue our tour, placed in strategic locations, at the entrance to natural lakes, we'll find and explore the ruins of 3 tidal mills from the 15th century, which produced flour for the Portuguese caravels.

The remains of the Atlantic Cod Dry Factory, which employed more than 600 people, are also very present, which leads us to conclude that this was also an important area for this activity.

Taking photographs of what remains of this complex, washing tanks, salting area, dryers, offices, pier, etc., is also a fascinating challenge.

Leaving Ponta dos Corvos, with the Corroios salt marsh close by, we will visit the well-maintained Corroios tidal mill, the oldest in the region (1407) and get a better understanding of how this equipment worked and why Nuno Álvares Pereira (Santo Constable) was its first owner.

On the last leg of our tour, before heading back to Lisbon, we'll cycle towards the beautiful and well-kept Seixal Bay, to see old boats and the traditional houses of this city. In this city, more than 500 years ago, the caravels that took Vasco da Gama to India were made.

This is a very easy ride, anyone who knows how to ride a bike can participate.

It's a simple, relaxed and fun way to spend a day.

It's also about discovering something that is completely out of the tourist circuits, but very interesting.

Important Note: We only carry out this tour for groups, for that you'll have to send us an email ( with the date and number of people.

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Points of Interest

Ginjal, Almada Velha, Dº Ferenado and Glória Frigate, Lisnave shipyards, Crown’s Corner, Corrrois marsh, Capitão tidal mill, Passagem tidal mill, Corrois tidal mill, Galvão tidal mill, Amora, Seixal

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Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 37
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   2 People = 40,00€

3-6 People = 30,00€

Approximate Distance: 35 km.

Level: Easy

Minimum Number of Participants: 2

Maximo Number of Participants: 6

Recommended Bikes: Electric

Bike Rental:

- Electric Bike = 00,00 euros

Important Note: We only carry out this tour for groups with 4 or more people, for that you will have to send us an email ( with the date and number of people.

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