Why a bike tour in Lisbon?

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Lisbon a great city to cycle

Some people have some doubts about the interest of doing a bike tour in Lisbon, others question how it is possible to do a bike tour in a city that has so many hills. In this post we will try to clarify you on these issues.

It’s true that Lisbon has many hills, but our tour doesn’t include the climb of any of them.

Our tour, which is about 20 kilometers, between the city center and the historic area of Belém, is always done on flat terrain, on bicycle lanes, pedestrian streets or streets with little traffic.

Safety and comfort is always a priority, which is why our tours have been attended by people of all ages.

It is also important to note that our guides are Portuguese and know very well the whole city of Lisbon and are very attentive.

They are prepared to attend to your preferences, to give you all the explanations about the places that you will visit and will do everything possible to make your tour in a relaxed and fun way.

Something that you always have to take into consideration is that our tour isn’t a race, it’s a casual stroll, made at a moderate pace and in which there is place a few stops to take pictures, visiting places, take a coffee and taste a pastel de nata.

So that you have no doubts check the comments and evaluations that were made about our tour in the TripAdvisor, AirBnB and Google and you’ll find that Free Bike Tours Lisbon is an unforgettable experience.

Tour in Lisbon by bike


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