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Paula and her husband, both Brazilians, decided to visit Lisbon in January with their children.

One of the priorities was to find programs that everyone liked and where everyone had fun, something that isn’t always easy when traveling with teenagers.

One of the programs they chose to show their children the city of Lisbon was a bicycle tour with us.

Like almost everyone who participates in our tours, Paula found us through the internet, where she made the booking for the whole family.




However, Paula didn’t inform us in advance that in addition to traveling with her family, she was also looking for personal experiences to publish in Viagem de Família, her blog. 

And she didn’t warn us on purpose, she didn’t want to do tours in exchange for advertising, she wanted to test our tours without anything being prepared for it, so that in the end she could describe to her followers exactly what awaits them in case they want to do this same program.

Just near the end of the tour Paula informed us that she wanted to take a picture with Miguel (our guide) to put on her blog, because she had loved the tour and wanted to advise all her followers.

All the reviews we have received have been excellent, but the post she wrote, with the genuineness that made the tour and being a person with much experience, fills us with pride and satisfaction.

We are sure that only with this dedication we will be able to offer moments of full satisfaction in Lisbon to all who participate in our bike tours.

To conclude we leave a big thank you to Paula and her family, and congratulations for this way of working, wishing the greatest success for your life and for your blog.

And you, if you come with your family to visit Lisbon you already know that this tour is an excellent program to make Lisbon known in a way that everyone has fun.

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