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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

About US

Lisbon Tours

Lisbon Tours

We love our city, we love to get to know Lisbon, we love to do bike tours, we love to meet people from all the world. We want to have a better, more balanced and sustainable world, so we created this original project, accessible to everyone and eco friendly.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Make Lisbon known to everyone in an accessible, relaxed, fun and an eco friendly way.

About Us

"It is my conviction that we should all contribute to building a better world. For that reason ecological issues are included in this project. I want everyone to be able to enjoy and participate, for that reason you only pay what you think is fair, appropriate and what you can. Fun, joy and happiness are fundamental pillars of our existence. These feelings must always be present on our bike rides. With us, you will have an unforgettable experience!"

Miguel Xara

Free Bike Tours Lisbon was born with this spirit.
This was the dream that made me create this project.
I was born in Lisbon! I'm from Lisbon! I live in Lisbon!
I love this city, where I have been cycling for many years.

A few years ago it was like this, with this dream, with only 3 or 4 bicycles, which were parked overnight and spent the night in the streets of central Lisbon, that this project was born. Today, a few years later, even with some difficulties caused by a pandemic, this project has grown, solidified and what was a dream, steps to become a reality.

We currently have a more solid structure, today we have a fantastic, happy and highly motivated team, where everyone loves what they do. We also already have more than the 3 or 4 bikes we started this dream with, we got a space in the center of Lisbon, where we keep the bikes and where all our tours now begin.

Bikes 62

Our mini-company, the umbrella of this dream, is called Bikes 62.

Because 62 is our door number, it is our meeting point and the starting point for very special moments. It is with the same enthusiasm, the same joy and motivation that we had on the first day that we continue and we will continue to do the famous Free Bike Tour daily, between Lisbon City Center and Belém.

Many of our friends who have taken this tour more than once or twice have asked us to take other routes as they want to visit, discover and explore new places. Occasionally, whenever we had availability, we did a few different tours, which always went very well, which was inspiring. Due to these two facts, after much reflection on the subject, we will provide new tours.

We are not going to fall into the temptation of adding tours solely with the aim of increasing the offer and to please our friends, we always want to keep the quality that distinguishes us and remain faithful to our principles:

Eco-Friendly – Healthy

Fun – Relaxed – Unforgettable

In order to meet these requirements, we studied several routes and based on that, we decided to regularly do just two more tours. Both are absolutely wonderful:

  • The 7 Hills and 14 Viewpoints.

    On this tour you can visit the highest points of Lisbon, with absolutely fantastic views, pass through the small streets of the most traditional neighborhoods of city and discover with our guides many of the secrets that are still well kept;

  • Sintra/Cascais Natural Park.

    This natural park, located about 25 Km from Lisbon, where there are wonderful castles and palaces, a village that is considered the home of fairy tales, mountains with a dense forest where you can find thousands of centenary trees and even some of the most beautiful beaches and cliffs in Portugal, it is an authentic marvel.

Cycling in this whole area, for a whole day, surrounded by all this environment, is absolutely epic and will remain in your memory forever. Due to the typology of these routes and because we want to continue to generate unique experiences, it is not possible for us to do these tours with very large groups. To participate in these tours you can join the groups we form, or you can, if you come with your family, with a group of friends or colleagues, choose to request a private tour. With these news and with this upgrade we will continue to provide, in a healthy and sustainable way, unique, fun and unforgettable moments.

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