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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

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Lisbon Tours

Lisbon Tours

We love our city, we love to get to know Lisbon, we love to do bike tours, we love to meet people from all the world. We want to have a better, more balanced and sustainable world, so we created this original project, accessible to everyone and eco friendly.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Make Lisbon known to everyone in an accessible, relaxed, fun and an eco friendly way.

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Miguel Xara

Founder of Free Bike Tours Lisbon

It is my conviction that all of us must contribute to building a better world. Therefore, the ecological aspect is included in this project.

I would like to get everyone involved in this project and for this reason you only pay what you feel appropriate.

Joy, happiness and pleasure have to be fundamental pillars of our existence. This feeling must be always be present at our cycling tours.  With us you'll have an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Free Bike Tours in Lisbon was born with this in mind.

Born in Lisbon. Lived Lisbon. Love Lisbon.

I love this city, in which I have been cycling for many years.

It was this dream that made me create this project.

Come with us by bike, to feel, to live and to discover the wonderful city of Lisbonin a very special way.


+351 919 523 068

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