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Tour in Lisbon by bike

Why a bike tour in Lisbon?

Why a bike tour in Lisbon? Lisbon a great city to cycle Some people have some doubts about the interest of doing a bike tour in Lisbon, others question how it is possible to do a bike tour in a … Read More

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Family Travel

Family Travel Paula and her husband, both Brazilians, decided to visit Lisbon in January with their children. One of the priorities was to find programs that everyone liked and where everyone had fun, something that isn’t always easy when traveling … Read More

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Lisbon bike tour

A “Must Do” experience when visiting Lisbon

A “Must Do” experience when visiting Lisbon “Lisbon by bike is an amazing adventure“ “Miguel was a fabulous tour guide!! This is a “must do” experience when visiting Lisbon. It gives a wonderful overview of the parts of the city near the … Read More

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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

Free Bike Tours Lisbon – It is also a romantic tour. A Bike Tour in Lisbon is fun, relaxing, eco friendly, accessible to everyone, but it’s also a romantic tour. The places we visit, the streets we pass by and … Read More

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Street Art at Free Bike Tours Lisbon

Street Art at Free Bike Tours Lisbon In a city like Lisbon and on a tour like Free Bike Tours, where the classic and the modern mix, urban art has to be present. And this is because every time has … Read More

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Free Bike Tours Lisbon Review - G- Australia

A Tour Like No Other.

A TOUR LIKE NO OTHER It was with this phrase, “A Tour Like No Other”, that Gabrielle started her review of Free Bike Tours Lisbon. In addition, this young Australian, who has traveled extensively in Europe, rated (21/11/2018) in our … Read More

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Alone in Lisbon – Take a free bike tour!

ALONE IN LISBON – TAKE A FREE BIKE TOUR Visit Lisbon with us In this post you’ll find some reasons to make the Free Bike Tours in Lisbon yours first program in Lisbon. If you traveled alone to Lisbon don’t … Read More

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Free Bike Tour – The best experience in Lisbon!

Nancy C described on TripAdviser how she felt and lived out her experience at Free Bike Tours Lisbon: “Today, my friend and I had a rather exciting biking tour with Miguel. He is super easy going and humorous, knows every … Read More

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Fun Way To Discover Lisbon.

More than showing Lisbon, we always intend to do this in a fun way. That’s why everyone loves our bike tour, as you can check in TripAdviser.  

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Flavors of Portugal on Free Bike Tours Lisbon.

We try to make our tours a fantastic experience, that everyone gets to know better the pleasures of our city. For that reason our tours also include the passage through places that offer great gastronomic experiences. During the tour you … Read More

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More than a thousand words.

Another great moment to remember at Free Bike Tours Lisbon, Miguel and Feben.

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