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Free Bike Tours Lisbon – How many stops?

Our tours don’t have a set number of stops. We usually make several stops along the tour, where everyone can see the most important points, take photos,  talk about the city and about what we are seeing. You’ll have time … Read More

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Free Bike Tour Lisbon is easy to ride.

Many people ask us this question. On the Free Bike Tour between the Center of Lisbon and Belém you don’t climb the famous hills of Lisbon.  Therefore this bike tour is done on flats routes, mostly on bike lanes, pedestals … Read More

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Program in Lisbon

Why a Bike Tour should be your first program in Lisbon. Belém is a must visit place. Everybody who come to Lisbon visit this district. You may think that this tour between the City Center and Belém, can be done … Read More

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Bike tours Lisbon with Miguel

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