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Arrábida - Hidden Treasure Near Lisbon.

Arrábida is +/- 30 km from Lisbon, it’s probably the treasure, best hidden from tourists. It’s a hidden paradise, in a mountain with freat vegetation, where you’ll find some of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches.

With very white sand and translucent water, they are authentic jewels of the Portuguese coast. If you happen to cross paths with a family of wild boars or if dolphins appear on the beach ... don't be surprised, the world is not only for humans and these species also enjoy this area.

You’ll have to leave Lisbon early. Initially you’ll have to go by train, the station in Lisbon is Entre Campos, until the village of Palmela, and only then start your tour.

When you arrive in Palmela you’ll have to visit the village and the castle that is at the top. Up there you’ll enjoy a wonderful view and see +/- the tour that you are going to do.

Then start your tour in the direction of Portinho da Arrábida Beach , where you should take the opportunity to swim and have lunch at the Farol restaurant.

When you finish having lunch you can stay a little longer on the beach, it is wonderful, or slowly start your tour again, on a fantastic road, always by the sea, in the direction of Setúbal city, where you must take the train to return to Lisbon.

You should bring beach clothes so that you can make the most of this area.

I advise you that this tour is not easy, it has steep climbs, so rent a good bike or an electric bike it will a smart decision, but I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable day, that you’ll thank me a lot for this suggestion and that you’ll promise to return.

My Tips to Arrábida:

Restaurant(s): O Farol – Praia do Portinho da Arrábida

Route: By train to Palmela – Portinho da Arrábida – Setúbal and by train to Lisbon

Distance: +/- 45 Km

Level: 4/5 (With Rain / Strong Wind / Fog do not take this tour)

Note: If you need help to plan this tour, rent bikes and / or if you need a guide let me know (, I’ll be happy to help you.

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