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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

CORONA VIRUS and Our Bike Tours .

The bicycle is the safets transport at this time, it allows you to move only in outdoors environment. However, as public knowledge, you should always be careful.

Here you can find 6 recommendatios to increase your protection:

1 - NO physical contacts, don't shake hands, don't give hugs or kisses to other participants no the tour or the guide;

2 - Don't exchange objects - don't pass, receive or deliver objects with other participants on the tour;

3 - You mus wear gloves and glasses;

4 - You must bring and use mask;

5 - You must bring product to desifect your hands;

6 - You must always keep a safe distance with other people (1,5 - 2,00 meters), when you are cycling or when we are stopped.

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