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DÃO BIKE ROUTE - Old Railway.

Built in 2011, the Dão Bike Route that connects Viseu to Santa Comba Dão is the result of the excellent use of the old Dão Railway Line, deactivated in 1988.

During most of the route it is possible to see Serra do Caramulo and Serra da Estrela. The beautiful landscapes provided by the Dão River, agricultural fields and vineyards offer a special atmosphere to this route. The centenary cork, olive, chestnut trees give pleasant shades of green.

Because it was designed on the old railroad, this eco-track is also a plunge into history, as there are many traces of the past that we find, old train stations, a steam locomotive, old carriages, tunnels and bridges.

Along this path it’s also possible to visit some villages, in addition to the cities of Santa Comba Dão, Tondela and Viseu, where the Cathedral, the Grão Vasco museum and the entire historic center deserve special mention.

Dão Bike Route, is the longest and also, considered by many, the most beautiful bike lane in Portugal.

It’s very easy to cycle, it doesn’t have great uphill slopes, it has a smooth pavement, it’s well signposted, it’s comfortable and safe.

Great for a family bike trip!




1) Dão Bike Route can, of course, be done in both directions (round trip), but if the option is to do it only in one way we advise you to make the direction of Viseu to Santa Comba Dão, it’s easier.

2) Occasionally we organize this tour, you can see on our page "tours" if any are scheduled, but if you have a group interested in doing this route you can always contact us by email.

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