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Fátima Route by Bike.

Catholics believe that in 1917 Mary, mother of Jesus, appeared 6 times, between May and June, to 3 little shepherds, in the small village of Fátima.

Since that time there have been thousands of people, coming from all over the world and from all points of Portugal who travel there every year in prayer, the pilgrims.

It was because of this movement and because many pilgrims made the journey home to Fátima on foot that the “Caminhos de Fátima” appeared.

Fátima is located in the center of Portugal and for that reason, all over the country there are routes that lead to Fátima.

The Fatima Route that we present to you in this video, which we do with regularity, begins in Lisbon and is called “Caminho do Tejo”.

I usually do this tour with large groups, something that forces me to be attentive to everything that goes on and does not allow me distractions to film and to take many photographs.

Last week, I did this whole wonderful journey once again. This time only with my wife and for that reason I was more available to film, to collect images and even to stop in places that I normally never stop.

We were lucky to find a wonderful weather, something that is always important. Typical spring days, with a fantastic sun, the sky painted in a beautiful shade of blue, without wind and with a great temperature, between 18 and 20º.

In addition to the good weather, we also enjoy the first spring colors. The fields and trees were very colorful and we were always accompanied by the fine singing of thousands of birds.

It's precisely a compilation of the images of this tour that we share here.

As you can see, it's about 170 km absolutely wonderful.

Note: At this moment we are preparing another tour to Fátima, along this same path, starting on the 14th, anyone interested can book here.

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