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Free Bike Tours Lisbon
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Lisbon - Caparica by Bike.

Caparica is located on the south bank of Lisbon, with more than 20 km of sand, is the largest beach near Lisbon and one of the largest in Portugal.

Throughout this beach you can practice various beach sports, you’ll find several restaurants (fresh fish) and bars, where you can drink a “sangria”, a cold beer, have lunch or dinner. You can also drink a gin at the end of the day while watching the sunset and the artisanal fishermen pull their nets full of fish.

If you’ll start this tour in Lisbon, you’ll always have to cross the Tagus River on a ferry from Belém to Trafaria. The price to do this it’s only 1.50 € (one way) and crossing the river by boat is also an amazing experience.

When you get off the boat you should cycle for about 15 minutes until you reach Cova do Vapôr, where the river ends and the sea begins. Here you’ll have to make a short stop to taste a “Cai Bem” (mysterious drink), a “Bola de Berlim” in “As Famosas” pastry and buy some fruit and drinks for your tour. After this you’ll be prepared for your tour, you’ll enter the area with +/- 20 km of beach until you reach Fonte da Telha. This whole tour is done in flat path, very little urbanized area, still a little wild and with wonderful landscapes. You just have to explore and enjoy! 

My Tips to Caparica:

Praia da Riviera €€€

Praia do Castelo €€

Kailua €€– Fonte da Telha

Route: Center of Lisbon – Belém – Trafaria – Costa da Caparica – Fonte da Telha - Lisboa
Distance: +/- 45 Km

Level: 2/5 (With rain a strong wind do not take this tour)


Attention to two things: 1 - It is important that you check the time of the last boat to Lisbon and do not miss it, otherwise you will have to stay in Caparica; 2 - When you arrive at Fonte da Telha, end the tour and return to Lisbon.

Note: If you need help to plan this tour, rent bikes and / or if you need a guide let me know (, I’ll be happy to help you.



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