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Lisbon is Lilac.

Lisbon is Lilac.

It's like that every year, but I continue to be amazed.

They are almost as punctual as English, they arrive in the 2nd or 3rd week of May. It is like turning on a light. The streets of Lisbon start to be painted with a new color, the lilac of the jacarandas.

It's the Jacarandá Time!

First the trees that are next to the river begin, after a day or two we can see all over the city. And here they stay until mid-June, when they give way to the colors of Santo António of Lisbon.

Highlight 5 places where they can be seen with greater density:

1) Eduardo VII Park;

2) Av. D. Carlos I;

3) Belém Tower AvCarmo Square;

4) São Paulo Square.

5) Carmo Square.

 There is also a very curious one, where it seems to be doing a color test next to a tile (azulejo) panel.

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