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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

Much more than a bike tour!!!

It’s normal for people who come to visit Lisbon and want to take a bike tour to find us by our website/blog, or by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Viator, Freetour, etc.

With the exception of those who already know us, or some who come to us by recommendation, it’s in this way, a little impersonal, that most of our guests find us.

But here you don’t find only a classic and very touristic city bike tour, you'll find more than that, we do everything for you to find a unique and unforgettable experience.

On our bike tours, in addition to a bike tour, you’ll also find, at least, more 10 important things:
1 - a place where you are very welcome;

2 - comfortable bikes suitable for the route you choose;

3 - guides who are permanently concerned about safety and promoting a fun environment;

4 - guides who love what they do and make Lisbon known in a passionate way;

5 - guides that tell you about the history of Portugal, explaining the places you visit and each monument;

6 - guides that show you some of the most emblematic and well-known places in the city, but also other lesser known but very interesting places;

7 - guides that tell you about Portuguese cuisine and always give you the opportunity to taste something traditional, a snack, a sweet or a drink;

8 - guides who will inform you about the good restaurants and the best places to visit during the remaining days of your stay

9 - guides who love meeting new people and who will be with you as friends;

10 - a tour where you only pay what you can and what you think is fair, but ...

From day one we are like this and it’s for this reason, as you can see in the hundreds of public reviews made on AirBnB, Viator, Freetour and Google that our tours are recognized.

So, if you are coming or if you are in Lisbon, if you want to know this city in an intense, fun and unique way, this is an excellent option.

If it's your first time in Lisbon, or if you haven't visited our city for a long time, we recommend one of these two tous: 

Make your booking now and join us!

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