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Portugal by Bicycle - Videos.

This was a year of lockdown, undoubtedly a year that was lived by everyone in a different way.

With the lockdowns in Portugal and in other countries, our activity decreased a lot, so we took the opportunity to make and discover new routes and new places.

We cycled all over the country. We were in the North, in the South, in the mountains, inland, went down to the beach and cycled on the banks of several rivers (Dão, Zêzere, Tejo and Sado).

We passed places with immense wild life beauty, several monuments, some nice cities, small and wonderful villages.

We visited some famous sites, but also others that are almost secret.

We also learned (we are still learning) to do something new, short videos to be able to share our experiences with you.

As the first videos we made, the quality is still far from the best. In any case, the beauty of the places we passed through can disguise our inexperience and show Portugal in a different way to everyone.

Even though we know that the videos still don't have the quality we want, we decided to edit them on YouTube and share with you some of the most beautiful places we've been.

The following videos are now online:

1 - Zêzere River Route

2 - Serra da Estrela (Poço do Inferno)

3 - Sintra E-Bike Tour

4 - Dão River Eco Route

5 - South Lisbon Beaches (Caparica - Arrábida - Setúbal)

6 - Cascais Bike Tour

7 - Lisbon - Belém Bike Tour

8 - Lisbon 7 Hills

Soon we will post more videos, with new locations and new routes.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they will be inspiring for a few days of your holidays in Portugal.

By bicycle you will have a healthy, economical, revitalizing and eco-friendly holiday.


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