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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

Private Bike Tours with Electric Bike.

Our experience, the knowledge we have of places like Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Fátima, Serra da Estrela, Algarve, etc., has allowed us, although occasionally, to make some tours, with electric bikes, for small private groups.

All of these tours have been going great, everyone has loved them and it has been a wonderful experience for us.

In this context, we understand that at the moment we have, maintaining our principle - Fun > Relaxing > Unforgettable - with the quality that has always distinguished us, the ability to develop this type of tours.

Groups can have a maximum of 6/8 people, to ensure maximum quality, to be intimate and so that everyone can enjoy.

We'll not have routes or pre-defined prices. Everything will be made to measure, according to what you request, such as:

- motivation;

- place / area to visit;

- number of people;

- level of experience;

- duration of the tour (hours or days). 

In this sense, anyone who wants to take one of these tours with us should contact us by email to:

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