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"Queijadas de Sintra" - Best ones are in Sapa!

YES, I love cycling! YES, I love Lisbon and Portugal!

And YES ... I love FOOD and BEVERAGE!

I already talked here about the pleasure it gives me to go to Belém to eat a Pastel, I also mentioned the Berlin Balls, the “Cláudinos” and “Cai Bem” in Caparica, as well as Garrett Pastry in Estoril. These are small pleasures that I always try to add to my bike rides.

Today, I’m writing about another place that for me is a mandatory stop whenever I go cycling to the Sintra, it calls Casa da Sapa.

This small and friendly shop was founded in 1756, it’s just some meters before reaching the historic center of the village and is considered the progenitor of the famous Queijadas de Sintra.

Queijada is a type of sweet made most famously in Sintra. It is a small sweet prepared using cheese, eggs, milk, and sugar. In Sintra includes also almonds.

However, the reason why I go to Casa da Sapa is not related to what I mentioned. I go to this place because in my opinion they are the best ones.

Sapa's Queijadas are divine !!!

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