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Seixal - A different reality on the other side of the Tagus River.

This tour it isn’t part of the main tourist routes, it will not be cycling in this area that you’ll find the most beautiful palaces, castles and monuments in Portugal.

This is a different tour, you’ll be able to see a lot of places with wildlife, fantastic landscapes and if you have a good guide, you’ll get a sense of what was the Portuguese economic evolution over the last centuries.

Due to the fact that it’s a territory with a very smooth morphology, where Amora and Paio Pires are the two highest points, with only 41 and 73 meters, it becomes very easy to bike in this area.

If what I wrote above is a good reason to take a tour in this area, it should be added that the Seixal Bay, a brand image of the area, with the well-maintained riverside fronts of Amora and Seixal, gives this tour a special charm

Throughout this bay, with a very specific configuration, the rural, the urban, the water, the mud, the flora, the fauna, the history / past and the present are mixed in a unique way.

For example, the boats that took Vasco da Gama to India were built here and also, in the centenary tidal mills, flour was produced for the crews of the Portuguese caravels.

Also, a great ruin, Atlantida Cod Dry Factory, located in Ponta dos Corvos, that some years ago employed more than 700 people, gives us the possibility to understand that this was a place where enormous amounts of this famous fish were dried.


To observe all of this by bicycle we have cycle paths, roads with little traffic and dirt roads, sometimes with water and mud, that cross through the countless marsh water arms.

The Corroios Marsh, with all the flora and thousands of birds, of various species, that reside here or are passing through, is an important area of ​​ Tagus Estuary Natural Park.

Cycling in these lands, it will possible to observe traces of boats that were wrecked or abandoned many years ago, such as flamingos, tailors, long legs birds, herons and wild ducks enjoying the region's snacks.

Speaking about snacks and food, something that I always enjoy, there are also a lot of good restaurants around here and the riverfront of Seixal is a very pleasant place to have a good meal at the end of this tour.



 1st - For those who comes from Lisbon, I recommend starting this tour in Cacilhas and finish in Seixal.

 2nd - Try to do a large part of this tour, especially the Ponta dos Corvos and Sapal de Corroios area, during low tide hours.

 3rd - Places to visit - Ponta dos Corvos (tide mills and the cod dry factory), Seixal Riverfront and the Paulistas mills.


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