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Star Mountain - The Highest Portuguese Mountain.

I love the wildlife, the quiet, the silence, the good food and simple people.

I love to wake up early and watching the sunrise. I love to talk with shepherds and learn the mountain secrets. I love to hear and know thousands of stories, old legends and myths from this place. I love to eat the fresh cheese made by the shepherds. I love hiking and cycling through all this immensity, finding new trails, new landscapes, new places and meeting new people. I love to swim and dive in lakes and rivers transparent and clean water. I love at the end of the day having a beer with friends and watching the sunset. I love the regional food and the hospitality of the locals. I love the colors, the ever-present greens, the yellow of spring, the golden of summer and the orange of autumn. I love, at night, sitting on a rock, listening the silence, watching the stars and the immensity of the Universe.

For all this, Serra da Estrela "Star Mountain Range”, the highest mountain range in Portugal (1,993 meters), is one of my favorite places to spend a few days every year.

Last week I returned to spend a few days here on vacation, did a great bike tour and decided to report here, to introduce you this paradise. This first post is a short introduction, in the next ones I’ll show you where I went.

Serra da Estrela Bike Tours:

1) Poço do Inferno e Poios Brancos;

2) Lagoa/Lake Comprida - Lagoa/Lake Rossim - Covão dos Conchos;

3) Zêzere Glaciar Valley .

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