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Free Bike Tours Lisbon

The end of lockdown is coming, we are coming back!

It's time, although with the necessary care, to start leaving the house, breathing good air, exercising and… freeing ourselves.


The bicycle gives us all that and more. It's by nature safe (guarantees detachment) and contributes in an important way to strengthen our immune system.


With the measures recently announced by our Government, it's already possible to promote tours for small groups, cross regions and circulate throughout the country.


In that sense, from this moment on, we have all our cycling tours available again.


Every day we will have 2 tours in Lisbon:


Lisbon Center to Belém

(10.00 am)

Book Here


7 Hills by E-Bike

(3.00 pm)

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 There are also some events scheduled:
Avieiros Route E-Bike Tour

(11 April)

Book Here

Dão River Eco Track

(1 day tour 24 and 25 april)

Book Here

Caminhos de Fátima E-Bike Tour

(3 days - 14, 15 and 16 May)

Book Here

Serra da Estrela E-Bike Tour

(2 days tour - 3/4 and 5/6 June)

Book Here


Note: If you want to take a tour, these or others (Sintra, Cascais, Arrábida) that you can find on this list, on a date that is not available and if you have a group of 4 people, .


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