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The evolution of Portugal by Bike.

In addition to the traditional bicycle tour between the Lisbon Center and Belém, which we continue to do daily, and after having been present in Serra da Estrela, the biggest Portuguese mountains, in the months of June, July and August, we have just started a new project - Portugal by Bicycle.


This is undoubtedly an ambitious project. The goal is to promote the cycling, bike tourism and, as well, to make known in a healthy and “eco-friendly” way some wonderful places in our country.


We have already carried out 3 experimental tours, two on the Avieiros Route, between Lisbon and Vila Franca de Xira, and one in the Tróia and Comporta.


Although we are aware that we have a lot to improve, the truth is that the results of these first rides were very satisfactory - everyone who participated in the first rides gave us a very positive review.


This is a great incentive to follow this route and for that reason it’s with double motivation that we’ll be on the 3rd of October (Saturday) at Dão Bike Route, considered by many to be the most beautiful in Portugal.


At the same time, we are “working” on something fascinating, evaluating new routes and tours, something that has required many kilometers, but as you can see in this blog, we have been discovering authentic treasures, many of which will be included in our future bike tours.


Something that is also giving us great pleasure is the regular updating of our blog, Facebook pages (Free Bike Tours Lisbon and Portugal by Bike) and Instagram, which allow us to share our discoveries, experiences and adventures, but where we also receive a lot of tips and information.

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