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Things to do in Lisbon – TOP 5

Lisbon is an amazing city, it has a large and diverse offer.

Obviously, we all like different things and our motivations aren’t the same, so it isn’t easy to make this type of listing.

Anyway, based on my knowledge, the inputs I receive from those who visit us and in order to be able to help you, I wanted to make this post, which I hope will be useful to you.

In a simplistic way, we can say that Lisbon has 2 distinct areas with great interest:

- The historic city center, where are the 7 hills, the famous viewpoints, the most traditional neighborhoods and the entire shopping area;

- Belém, the western part of the city, about 8 km away, where are some of the most important Portuguese monuments.

In addition, the Tagus River, with all its water mass and dimension, provides wonderful landscapes and close to Lisbon (about 30 minutes by train) there are two places that you should also try to visit - Sintra and Cascais.


Based on this, I leave here my TOP 5 SUGGESTIONS:


1 - Visit ​​Belém.

Belém is the area where the Tagus River ends and where the Atlantic Ocean begins, it’s the gateway to and from the sea.

For this reason, it was, for hundreds of years, a strategic area to protect Lisbon. It was here that the Portuguese defended the city from pirates and invading people’s attacks.

It was also from Belém, in the SEC XV and XVI, that many caravels left Portugal to discover the sea routes to Africa, Asia and America.

The marks of those times are clearly visible in this neighborhood, both in older monuments, some over 500 years old, such as the Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery, as well as through more recent ones, such as the Discovers Monument, which it was initially built in 1940, to honor Portuguese discoveries and navigators.

Here you can find also many museums, for example, the Coach Museum, Modern Art Museum, the Navy Museum, Electricity Museum and the M.A.A.T..

Walk around this area, see all these magnificent buildings, still the old fishermen's houses, cross the pleasant gardens, enjoy the landscapes offered by the river, all without forgetting to taste a Pastel de Belém, in the most famous Portuguese pastry, is something that everyone who visits Lisbon should do.

You have several ways to make this visit, I advise two:

a) you can go by public transport (tram, bus, train or taxi) to Belém and then walk through this vast area by foot. In this case, I advise you to take a walking tour, there are many guides available;

b) you can take a bike tour with me (I do this tour every morning), in which you’ll get to know this whole area and the all area near Tagus River, between the city center and Belém, passing through some more interesting points, like 25 April Bridge, Lx Factory, Time Our Market and Pink Street.


2 - Lisbon Center and the 7 Hills.

Visiting the Lisbon Center, its historic neighborhoods, most of them located in the Lisbon hills, is something you’ll have to do.

Discovering the small streets that exist in these neighborhoods, with a very traditional life, with small local shops and thousands of small houses with different colors, many of them decorated with wonderful tiles, is a fascinating experience.

Taking a look at all these corners, getting to know the people who live there, enjoying the viewpoints/miradouros, visiting some monuments and discovering the differences between all the neighborhoods is a huge challenge.

You have several ways to discover this whole area. In order to choose the best way to do this, you must think about the number of days available that you have and also your physical condition.

Although it is tiring and takes a lot long time (minimum 2 days), the best way to get around and get to know all these neighborhoods is, without a doubt, by foot.

If you don’t have many days available, or if you want to have prior knowledge of the whole area, you can choose to take a tour with a tuck-tuck, or by electric bike.

In both cases you must be careful with the guide you choose; this area deserves to be visited with a good guide.

For example, on our electric bike tour, which sometimes takes more than 4 hours, you’ll visit and get to know the 7 hills, 14 viewpoints and pass inside of Alfama, Mouraria, Graça, Castelo, São Vicente, Intendente, Baixa, Chiado, Cais do Sodré and Santa Catarina neighborhood. In all these places, small stops are made to tell you about what you are seeing and to show you small details.


3 - Tour on tram 28.

This is a very interesting experience, in this traditional means of transport, with nº 28, in the middle of a maze of streets, with very steep climbs and descents, you'll pass through several of the most traditional neighborhoods. A great program to do when your legs and feet are tired.


4 - Cross the Tagus River to See the Sunset.

I love doing this program, it’s one of my favorites - crossing the river at the end of the day on a ferry boat and going to the other side of Tagus River to watch the sunset and have amazing dinner.

On the other side of the river you can more easily see the end of the river and the beginning of the Atlantic, this is one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

Over a huge patch of water, you’ll see the wonderful reflections that the sun makes at this time of day and you’ll see the whole Lisbon city in front of you.

In addition, you’ll be able to cross the Tagus River by boat, see the city from another angle at two different periods, during the day and by night.

The ferry boat departs from Cais do Sodré, every 15 minutes, to Cacilhas, the ticket price is approximately 3.00 euros. For dinners you have two very nice restaurants - Atira-te ao Rio and Ponto Final.


5 - Visit Sintra and Cascais.

Sintra and Cascais are two wonderful places, close to Lisbon, but very different from the Portuguese capital and very different from each other.

Cascais, where almost every day the sun peeks intensely, is an old fishing village, which has become a very beautiful beach area. It became very famous when at the time of II World War many royal families made their exile here. Along about 15 kms of Atlantic Coast you’ll find wonderful beaches, with very beautiful houses and palaces that give the whole area a luxurious appearance.

Sintra, which has less sun, is a cooler and very green region. In summer it has a mild climate, which is why it was the place chosen by many Portuguese royal families to take a vacation.

With all its palaces and castles, with all its historical legends, Sintra is a must-visit place.

If you are in Lisbon enough days to be able to spend a day in each of these places will be great, as both have a lot to see and enjoy. Otherwise, you can take a day tour, by car, van or bicycle that includes a visit to these two places.

Usually, due to schedule difficulties, It's difficult fr me to do this tour, but if it will be arranged in advance I’ll be very happy to do it, this is one of my favorite bike tours in Portugal.

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