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Visiting Lisbon during COVID: Yes or No?

Due to Covid, some friends have asked me if it’s a good time to visit Lisbon.

Because there are more people asking the same question, I put here a copy of a message that I already sent to some friends.

In Portugal, currently, restrictions are not very strict, but they can be changed, I always advise you to consult the restriction list.

On my blog I put all the news on this subject, especially those that have more impact for those who visit us. However, if you have any questions send me a message.

On the other hand, people are also very respectful, respect the rules and always try to keep their distance safe.

Before coming to Lisbon or Portugal you have to think about what type of vacation and destination you are looking for.


If you want to find a city / country with festivities, fun and nightlife. In this case, Lisbon and Portugal aren’t the best destination right now. For example, restaurants have to close at 10.30 pm, bars have some restrictions and nightclubs are closed.


If you want to rest, relax, visit some monuments, museums, shop, find good restaurants, or take some great tours, it's an excellent time to visit Lisbon and Portugal. 

In our city and in our country, at the moment everything is very calm and quiet, there is little traffic and few people on the street. This is a great time to walk the small streets of the most traditional neighborhoods, such as Alfama, Graça, Mouraria on foot.

You can do these tours without the usual crowd, you'll have time to see all the small details, all the corners, the houses decoration, the tiles, the windows, the balconies, etc. and you'll have local people always available to give an explanation, information and to help you.

At Lisbon Viewpoints, usually with a lot of people, you can now sit on a terrace, having a coffee, a beer or a glass of wine without noise, just enjoying the city, the incredible views and the moment.

If you want to visit some monuments or museums you don’t not need to wait in long lines to enter and inside there is almost nobody, you can see everything at your own pace.

Incredibly, the same thing also happens if you want to take a tour on tram 28, which is always full of people! And it’s very pleasant to cross all the traditional neighborhoods, comfortably sitting by a window, without the pressure of hundreds of people, in these historic vehicles!

As there are currently few tourists in Portugal and groups can’t have more than 5 people, here you have a great opportunity to make wonderful tours (like mine), like private tours - you will have the guides on your own.

There are still 2 more great advantages to visit Lisbon right now, it’s easy to find a table in any restaurant and the prices, both in restaurants, hotels and apartments are cheaper.

As you can see, if your desire is to rest, relax, eat well and get to know Lisbon, this is a great time.

I’m always available to receive you and I’ll be very happy to meet you.

As usually, you are always welcome!

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