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Bifanas - The Most Popular Sandwich in Portugal.

Perhaps for economic reasons, because it’s easy to make and eat, sandwiches are part of the diet in many countries.

 Portugal is not an exception and the variety we have here, as in other countries, is also very large.

There are the most common sandwiches, made with cheeses, ham, cold meats, vegetables, fish and eggs, but there are at least three that I highlight, perhaps because they are my favorites, I advise everyone to try - Sandes de Leitão, Prego and Bifana.

I'll leave Prego and Sandes de Leitão for other posts and I’ll focus this post only on Bifana.

Bifana is a very simple sandwich, made only with bread and pork, which has much of the secret in the sauce.

It’s served in the vast majority of cafes across the country, in seafood restaurants, in caravans that work at night and, in huge quantities, next to the stadiums whenever there is a football game.

Often, after the morning bike tour, I eat / lunch a bifana and when I go to a football match I always eat one of these delicious sandwiches.

Like most Portuguese, I always add mustard and I always order a beer.

The price is +/- 2.50 euros and my favorites in Lisbon are at Beira Gare, a cafe / restaurant that is located in the Lisbon Center, very close to the Rossio train station.

Bom apetite!

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