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Covid 19 - New Rules in Portugal.

Since today, 4th of November, there are new rules in Portugal with the aim of fighting and controlling the pandemic.

It isn’t a general and mandatory confinement, it’s a partial confinement.

These measures apply to municipalities in which more than 240 new cases are detected, per 100,000 people, in the last 14 days. In other words, the county list in this situation is dynamic and will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

The rules are:

1 - Duty, not the obligation to stay at home;

2 - All shops must close until 10 pm.

3 - Restaurants, theaters, cinemas, etc. must close until 22.30; except pharmacies, doctors' offices and clinics, funeral service activities and fuel stations.

4 - events with more than 5 people, except people belonging to the same household, are prohibited;

5 - Religious ceremonies and shows are allowed, following the rules of the Portuguese health authorities (DGS);

6 - In restaurants, groups can have a maximum of 5 people, or 6 if they are from the same family;

7 - Obligation to operate on tele-work whenever possible;

8 - Obligation to promote lagged working hours;


In addition to these new rules, others that were imposed a long time ago and that remain:

1 - Mandatory use of a mask in closed public areas, shops, supermarkets, etc;

2 - Obligation to use masks in open spaces whenever there are large crowds of people and when it isn’t possible to maintain physical distance;

3 - Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages, except in restaurants, after 20.00;

4 - Limitation on the number of people simultaneously in public establishments, number of people / per square meter.

Washing your hands frequently and promoting physical distance will be crucial.

The non-transmission of this virus depends on everyone.

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