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Lisbon's South Bank by Bicycle - Surprises in front of Lisbon.

In the last few weeks I have been cycling a few times on the south bank of the Tagus River, I made my bike around Barreiro, Paio Pires, Seixal, Amora, Corroios, Arrábida, Almada, Cacilhas and Caparica.

The truth is that here so close, even though I already know many of these places, I have been surprised by fantastic discoveries and I have learned a lot.

In addition to all the remains of an ancient and monumental industrial heritage, of huge companies, such as Quimigal, Siderurgia Nacional and Lisnave, the historic centers of some cities are worth visiting.

But the highlight of this  area is, without a doubt, the beauty provided by the monumental Tagus Estuary. With its swamps, water lines, flora and the diversity of birds, with Lisbon as a “backdrop”, it’s absolutely wonderful.

But this estuary is more than admirable views or landscapes. A visit to this place will never be complete if we don’t stroll along the marshes, if we don’t visit the traditional fishing communities that still exist, if we don’t go to see the centuries-old ruins of the wonderful tidal mills and cod drought companies that worked here.

The Tagus Estuary, in addition to its natural beauty, is an open-air museum.

This is also a region where you can eat very well, it’s easy to find good restaurants and this is an additional reason to visit the Lisbon South Bank.

In the coming days I’ll publish some separate posts, which will give some information about places to visit in this area.


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