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Serra da Estrela by E-Bike - Report of another expedition.

Cycling can also be an addiction, a healthy addiction, but that's right, an addiction.

For me it's already an addiction, not only the fact of cycling, but the desire to find new places and see how the landscapes change throughout the year, especially the wilder ones.

It's also addictive for me to do it with different people and see the different reactions.

After having already done several bike tours in Serra da Estrela, in the different seasons of the year, last week, I went back to cycling in that whole area.

In 2 days, in total, there were about 150 kilometers of cycling along magnificent paths, enjoying unique landscapes, a wonderful sun, all spring colors and sounds.

On the first day I left Penhas da Saúde, with some friends, passed by Piornos, in Nave de Santo António and covered the entire Zêzere glacial valley.

Once again, I returned to visit wonderful Covão D'Ametade and my friend Bruno, Poço do Inferno and the lovely Manteigas village.

Covão D'Ametade

Poço do Inferno

That day it was overheated, neither too hot nor cold, so we opted to have a picnic by the Zêzere river, with a delicious Feijoca (traditional dish, made by Nuno from Café Central, and there was still time to swim.

In the evening, the dinner at Casa do Clube, where they serve local snacks, cooked by Vera, was wonderful. Everyone's good mood and a few glasses of regional wine contributed to another lovely moment at 1600 meters above sea level.

On the second day, the script was more demanding, but just as wonderful. It was the day to pass by Nossa Senhora dos Pastores, at the top of Cântaro Raso, Cântaro Magro and Cântaro Gordo, three magnificent rocks and to visit the highest point in mainland Portugal,Torre.

3 Cântaros.


We cycled several kms, many meters above sea level, it felt like we were flying, the landscapes were breathtaking, the view above to the Loriga Glacier Valley and the Lagoa Comprida are magnificent.

Loriga Glacier Valley

Lagoa Comprida.

For that reason we took many breaks to take pictures - we feel FREE, HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

This time we opted for a light lunch, as the climb to Penhas Douradas and Lagoa do Rossim, which we did after eating, even with electric bikes, is hard.

Once again there was a wonderful sun and the passage through Lagoa do Rossim had even more brightness.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, we stopped once more to take some photos and to drink fresh water from a natural fountain.

Casa da Lage - Penhas Douradas

This journey was about to end, but we still had time to pass in Penhas Douradas and make the Faias Route, a road flanked by thousands of centuries-old trees that provide a wonderful mixture of lights.

Here is a special thanks to Pousada da Juventude, where we stayed and to Art'Bike (bike shop) who were important for this bike tour.

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