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Top 10 Important Benefits of Cycling.

Let's move, let's get back in shape, let's laugh and smile, let's feel good!

I read in Cycling Weekly a very interesting text that focuses on the benefits that you can have when cycling, something that at this time, when many countries are ending a long period of confinement because of COVID-19, it becomes even more relevant for everyone.

In addition to the feeling of freedom, being fun, relaxing and other advantages, here are the top 10 health benefits mentioned by this magazine.

  1. Cycling improves our mental well-being;
  2. Strengthen your immune system;
  3. Cycling promotes weight loss;
  4. Better lungh health;
  5. Cuts heart disease and cancer risk;
  6. Cycling improves your sex life;
  7. Sleep Better;
  8. Boost your brain power;
  9. Cycling is low impact for your muscles and joints;
  10. Cycling builds and tones the muscles.

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